Brakes & Tires

No More Brake Problems

We do not like uncertainties (particularly behind the wheels) as much as you do. However, we know that change is inescapable. Brake pads and rotors tire out from the tremendous rubbing and heat they bear. Your brake system has many parts that can tire out.
SOS Tire Service has the right skills to bring back your braking confidence. We are committed to offering trustworthy, professional brake install and repair services — so you can drive without any fear, having the fact in mind that your brakes are appropriately set to do their job.

An excellent drive begins with appropriately installed tires.

At SOS Tire Service, you can find a large range of quality tires from the industry’s creditable brands. Along with the finest quality tires, you will also get the most competitive prices backed by a guarantee. SOS Tire Service is your one-stop-shop for all your brakes and tire needs.

Service and Repair

Irrespective of the issue you are facing, your car is in safe hands at SOS Tire Service. We stepped into the business to offer you complete care, from start to finish. From noisy brakes to a damaged A/C, we have you covered from an unstable steering wheel to a flat tire.

• Brake Repair & Install.

We will inspect brakes to determine whether it needs a repair or install to avoid issues later on.

• Engine Repair Service.

We will expertly tune up your car to keep your engine running flawlessly.

• Battery Service.

We are your reliable partner for a free battery check so you avoid a situation when a car won’t start.

• Tire Issues.

After all, it is our trade name! We will work to fix any tire issues so we can make your riding experience smooth once again.

• Oil Change and Filters.

Oil is an essential component of your car’s engine. That is the reason we have a range of quality oils and filters to suit your specific requirements.

Deliver and Install

SOS Tire Service has the right expertise to install your tires using the finest equipment. We also offer competitive prices. On the other hand, if you need tires delivered to your house or shop, we can do that as well. Let SOS Tire Service take care of your automotive needs.

Fast Shipping to Any Address.

You can let us know where you need your tires delivered to, and we will directly deliver to that address so you can have them installed as per your convenience. It’s just as simple as that.


Whether you are looking for a particular style or functionality, our specialists will advise you on the ideal set of wheels to suit your vehicle. SOS Tire Service will help you complete the look of your vehicle with an amazing set of wheels. Our wheels provide a strong foundation for your tires.

Steel Wheels.

Steel wheels are acknowledged for their toughness and low maintenance. These are generally utilized to act as a winter solution as they are less inclined to oxidize from the road salt and are weightier. These are additionally economical for an occasional wheel and fit onto maximum model vehicles.

Alloy Wheels.

These are normally utilized to replace the original set of wheels that came with your vehicle. These are lightweight and are more customizable; consequently, you get more alternatives to suit your style.